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Partner Shop contains assorted features that will allow you to manage your partner business. As soon as you get the first customers, the Partner Center will offer a variety of components aimed to help you manage them with ease.

Our Partner User Guide will carefully guide you through an exciting variety of possibilities raised by the Partner Center. We also provide marketing materials that helps you promote our services in your city/town.

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Why Become a Thulo Partner?

All the Partner Center account come with the following...

Reseller Store

You can be open for business in minutes with our Partner Center. It’s customisable, you can tailor the logo & the URL. Every store comes with a dynamic shopping cart and local payment option integrated.

Control Panel

Get full featured controlpanel to manage every aspect of our partner business. You will be able to add clients and manage their multiple aspects from one single panel.

Order Automation

Gurkha.Host uses the customized partner management system, an automation platform that allows you and your customers to manage all their services under one roof. Promote your own store and get amazing commissions on every sales made through your store. Orders get instantly activated on payment.

Domain Reseller

Start selling domain names and earn 5% flat commissions. You can run a tight ship when it comes to your domains with our domain management tools. Edit A, MX, CNAME, NS and SOA records, and 24x7 Monitoring. Free with every domain.

Marketing Support

Your effords count, we provide free marketing material support to share it on your webiste, blogs and social accounts. Download our marketing kit to kickstart your hosting business.

Direct Customer Support

You just focus on growing your store sales. Our technical support engineers are available 24/7 to provide your customers with world-class support.

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You will be provided with commissions ranging from 5-25% on each sale you make. You can start at as low as NPR 10,000 deposit.
Deposits are fully usable for your future purchases.


Sell from your own domain name

Rs. 2,500

Fully Usable Balance
  • .COM - Rs. 1,200
  • .ORG - Rs. 1,200
  • .XYZ - Rs. 249
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Signup With Fully Usable Deposit


Earn commission on every sale.
  • Free Branded Online Shop
  • Domain Names: 5%
  • All Web Hosting Plans: 10-25%
  • Website Security & SSL: 10-20%
  • Emails & Office: 10-20%
  • Cloud VPS: 5-10%
  • Kathmandu.Cloud: 10-25%
  • Emails & Office: 10-20%
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Become a Regional Distributor

Coming Soon

Set your own selling price
  • All Features of Partner Lite
  • Set Your Own Selling Price
  • Customized Selling Portal
  • Connect Your Own Payment System
  • Provide Direct Support to Customers
Coming Soon

Still have questions?

You can contact us and our sales team will get back to you with further details.

Partner Center FAQs
Browse through our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and satisfy your gut before you decide to start selling services from Gurkha.Host

What is the Initial Deposit?

  • We follow an Advance Deposit system, wherein you need to maintain an Advance Account with us. Every time your Customer makes a purchase, Funds will be deducted from this advance account of yours (your Current Debit Account Balance).

    In order to start reselling, you will have to make an initial deposit that is fully useable.

Is the Initial Deposit usable, or is it an Activation fee? Is it time bound?

  • The initial deposit, or any Funds that you add to your Advance Account with us are fully usable by you to buy any of our Products and Services.

    Also, the deposit isn't time bound. This means, you can use it all up at any point of time in the future to buy any of our Products and Services.

Do you charge any Activation or Sign-up Fee? Are there any hidden costs associated with becoming your Reseller?

  • No, we do not charge any kind of Activation or Sign-up Fee. Neither do we have any hidden costs. This is a Zero Investment business for you! We follow an advance pre-payment system. This means, that in order to resell, you first need to make an advance deposit in your account with us.

    Every time a purchase is made from your account, the respective funds will be deducted from your account. This advance deposit is fully usable by you, and is not time bound. This means, you can use the entire amount to buy any of our Products at any point of time in future.

Do I need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product?

  • Not at all. The Total Receipts associated with your Partner Center Account is applicable across all Products & Services.

    You do not need to maintain a separate Total Receipts amount for each Product. For example, say you have Total Receipts of Rs.10,0000. This will allow you to avail of Domain Registrations and Digital SSL Certificates.

What happens once I exhaust the initial deposit that I make?

  • Once you exhaust your initial deposit, you can refill your Account with any desired amount as and when required.

What will happen if my Customer places an Order and there aren't any Funds in my Account?

  • In case you do not have funds in your Partner Center Account, and your Customer places an order, the order will be under 'Pending' status. The order will be executed once you add the required amount of Funds.

I have made a payment of Rs. using PayPal / Credit Card, but my Account has been credited with a lesser amount. Will my Account still be activated?

  • All transactions for Adding Funds to your Reseller Account via PayPal are credited to your account, only after deducting the PayPal Transaction Fees at actual. In case of Payment via Credit Card, a 3.5% processing fee is deducted by the bank through which the transaction takes place. Since you added exactly 10,000 to your Account, a lesser amount got credited on account of the processing / transaction fee reduction. Your Account, however, will still be activated.

I have already paid the minimum advance deposit using online payment method. When will my account be activated?

  • In case you have used a Verified Online Payment Account to Add Funds, your Account will be activated within 4 hours of Adding Funds.