About Gurkha.Host

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Gurkha.Host: International Standard Datacenter

Gurkha.Host leverages on robust, state-of-art Data Center facilities and Network Infrastructures, as well as its highly-skilled and professionally-trained manpower resources

Why Choose Gurkha.Host Datacenter?

Amazing reasons to choose Gurkha.Host Datacenters in Nepal for realiability & scalability.

Quality infrastructure and Operations

Gurkha.Host is designed, built, operated and managed data center in key locations to provide sophisticated levels of resilience, security and operational expertise with extensive connectivity.

24/7 Monitored

Gurkha.Host datacenter engineers manage the network and environment and ensure that network availability, power and cooling conditions are maintaned & optimized 24/7.


Advanced fire detection/suppression and data center security systems provide very early detection to avoid fire, loss and business distruption.


Power, cooling, security to cross connects and connectivity, we understand every aspect of data center and how to make them work for your business.


Redundant, high-capacity and stable power supplies, backed up by Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and diesel generators provide a resilient data-center environment.


Gurkha.Host power and cooling capabilities ensure that the Data Center is managed in an efficient & cost-effective manner.